Please use my raku chawan exclusively for preparing matcha green tea.

Because of its porous nature, raku ware can absorb and "sweat" small quantities of water.

If a raku chawan has not been used before, it should be soaked in lukewarm water for ten to thirty minutes. After it has been stored for a long time, you should soak it for some minutes before use, too. In this way, you can increase its heat and stain resistant qualities. The raku bowl will be durable and sound smooth when tapped.

The chawan should never be sterilized by boiling, cleaned in a dishwasher or with chlorinated detergents. It is best rinsed with water only.

Please don't hit the chawan against a hard surface.

Before storing a raku chawan in its wooden box, dry it off completely in a warm place for three to four days. Otherwise, with the clay still wet while being stored, there is the possibility that the chawan will take on a strange odor. In this case, you can remove the odor within one week by using the chawan daily.